The Prayer Kikuyu use to Make More Money than Other Tribes in Kenya

Image result for unromantic husband africaIn Kenya, there is a certain stereotype that paints Kikuyu men as unromantic. The generations-old typecast spreads a “lie” that no man from the ‘house of Mumbi’ is good enough when it comes to romance. The cliché has been used for ages to create a belief that no Kikuyu man is ever bold enough to spend his hard-earned money on a lady and layer on the romance.

But what defines romance? anyone with an answer?Image result for prayer on knees in bed

Anyway ,it is no secret to say that Kikuyu people are more money-minded than any other tribe in Kenya. Yes, they really love money, and that explains why they hustle hard to ensure they have it in plenty.
As revealed by an online user, the tribe has a certain prayer that they make for them to beat all other tribes in terms of financial matters.

Below is the quite hilarious piece of prayer they make pleading with money to come their way.

Image result for kikuyu love money

Many communities in Kenya have fashioned out Kikuyus to be greedy and money seeking people with no regard for principles or scruples. To some extent that may have some wisps of truth, but this perception isn’t unique to Kenyans alone wherever there is a community that prospers economically the other communities often regard this community with suspicion.

But are Kikuyus hardworking or how do they make money?

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