KCSE candidates have results canceled urged to repeat

3,427 KCPE candidates have results cancelled, urged to repeat

The Kenya National Examination Council has cancelled the results of 3,427 candidates who were involved in exam irregularities in the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

There was relief for 1,275 KCSE candidates from nine centers who had been suspected of exam malpractice but were cleared by the council “after thorough due diligence.”

“The council has made the painful but necessary decision to cancel results of these candidates,” said Professor George Magoha, the Kenya National Examinations Council Board chairman.

“However, in order to tamper justice with mercy, the council decided that these candidates should be encouraged to register for these year’s exams before close of registration on February 15.”

Prof. Magoha laid the blame on those tasked with exam management.

“These malpractices took place due to negligence by omission or commission, not of the children, but adults like us in the form of center managers, supervisors, invigilators and personnel on the ground,” he said.

“Let me assure the country that it is very shameful there are still a sizeable number of people who are in self denial. I want to state categorically, I am loyal to the children. I cannot sit on a council that treats any child different from the other.”

He reiterated his stand to completely eradicating exam cheating in the country while also saying he was proud of the low number of cheating from last year’s exams.

“The council will do everything in its powers to ensure future exams are sacrosanct and cheating becomes thing of the past…,” he said.

“I commend 99.9% of those center managers who conducted themselves strictly within the required regulations that led to the most credible examination process in this country in recent history. We also want to warn the 0.01% that their 40 days are coming very close to an end.”

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