Man slashes wife to death with panga then commits suicide

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Indeed love can really turn sour once differences overcome the two once inseparable lovebirds

A 38-year-old man in Nandi County on Sunday night hacked his wife to death using a panga before hanging himself following a domestic quarrel.

The man from Kapkatet village had separated with the woman who had gone to live at her uncle’s home near Ndalat three kilometers away.

The man waylaid the woman near Ndalat and hacked her several times and fled.He was later found hanging on a tree at his parent’s home.

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The woman identified as Ednah Kurgat, was a mother of three children and was living with her uncle Philip Songok, an Assistant Chief.

Residents said the two had separated last year after a domestic quarrel and efforts to reconcile them failed.

Emily Sawe, the woman’s aunt, witnessed the incident and narrated to the reporters how she pleaded with the man to spare her niece.

Sawe said the man did not hear her pleas and turned hostile.

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“She slashed her several times on the head and other parts of the body,” Sawe said.

The man later jumped over the fence and disappeared into the bush after the attack

Police who were called to the scene after the incident found a jacket, a mobile phone, and a bottle of Vodka left behind by the man.

Area MP Vincent Tuwei and deputy county commissioner Sammy Makhanu visited the scene and condemned the attack.

“We have had a high number of domestic violence incidents in this area because of high consumption of alcohol and drugs among couples,” Makhanu said.

Tuwei asked residents especially couples to involve elders and church leaders in solving their domestic disagreements.


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