This is why Safaricom CEO wants us to stop using mobile phones

Its time to just drop your cell phone in 2019. This is one of the advice the Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore  is giving for one simple reason for you to interact more with the people around you.

Mr Collymore admitted to the fact that cellphones has been one of the major problems we facing today.

In an open letter to cellphone users, Mr Collymore, pointed out that technology cannot and should not be a substitute for real conversation.

“We set aside some time each evening during which we would put our phones aside, and just talk,” Collymore narrated.

“Later, when I was in hospital receiving cancer treatment, I learned to embrace solitude. I spent time reflecting on life and the meaning of human connection, rather than scrolling through my phone,” he says in the letter.

“During this time, I realised how much of our lives are spent looking for distractions, avoiding conversations and deep thought,” he further narrated.

For this reason, Collymore is challenging himself, and extending the same challenge, to all Kenyans to put down the devices and look up more often this year, in the spirit of doing more to be fully present.

“I want to disconnect, to think deeply, to listen more and look within, without the distractions of technology or media. I have a feeling it’ll be good for me, good for those around me, and ultimately, good for business,” he says in the letter.

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