The Wasafi Festival still a bitter pill for some Kenyans?



Was the Wasafi Festival among the root causes that ignited the Play Kenyan Music debate?

Well some people are still swallowing a bitter pill but the reality is that credit is always given to what is nice.

With the conversation about the state of the Kenyan music industry, some have mentioned that they were bothered by the fact that

One of the top Kenyan Dj’s said that he has attended concerts in Tanzania and the patriotism they have, it is highly unlikely for  them to allow a foreign artist to headline in a show.

But what did we see during the Wasafi Festival? And in many other concerts where Kenyans are given a platform to curtain raise for other artists.

The debate however is not of Kenyans to stop listening to International artists or cut off links.

It is all about embracing our won and making sure that the next generation of artists will not have to go through so much hardship before their talent is made known.

Even more suggestions have come into the picture as some pioneers in the Industry have  even urged Kenyans to go beyond the music.

The support is not only needed for the music but also to build Kenyan brands and businesses.

Some fans had raised this concern saying that some artists  benefit from the fans support but after they make it, most of them forget to give back to the society.

For instance some of the artists who have been in the Industry have never mentored any upcoming artists.

Artists have been put to challenge to take up the responsibility and  all other parties involved should definitely do the same

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