Mr Africa 2018: Many people had told me I will never win

PHOTO/COURTESY Calisah Instagram

Tanzanian supermodel and entertainer Calisah has recently spoken about the big win in Nigeria which marked as a major highlight last year.

On winning the  Mr Africa International award, Calisah says that  he had been nominated for two consecutive years but  he says that he believes in timing.

Many people had  discouraged him saying that I will not win the award but as for him, he decided to believe  in himself and prove them wrong.

Calisah says that he has always dreamed of doing something different and always likes to comes first in what he does.

PHOTO/COURTESY Calisah Instagram

On his return to Tanzanian,  he said that he did not want to conduct any interview saying that he was not ready to speak up.

The Tanzanian Model believes that there is no one in Tanzania that has his  ‘star’and also says that  no one can beat him in the industry.

Speaking on the setbacks that he had after he was nominated and decided to travel for the awards, Calisah revealed that some of his family members had even said that he was wasting money by chasing on the award.

Calisah says that the fact that he believed in himself, and he was confident, is what made him win.

PHOTO/COURTESY Calisah Instagram

Generally 2018 he says was a good year for him, for many reasons including that he worked with artists beyond the borders.

Calisah got to work with Kenyan  Beauty, Vera Sidika and has also hinted that he linked up with Tiwa Savage while in Nigeria.

Counting more blessings, Calisah says that 2018 was good for him because he was blessed with a son and he believes that he has someone to share with his big dream.






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