Calisah speaks on the obstacles before his fame

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Top Model and Mr Africa 2018 has shared of the hardships before he rose to fame.

Calisah say that he lost his mother at a very young age and had to hustle real hard.

Another major obstacle was people failing to believe in him and what he has been passionate about.

Speaking on his achievements, as a super model and video vixen he says that It all did not come so easy.

The model however says that despite his achievements, the respect he gets in other countries is more than the respect he gets in Tanzania.

Back in 2014 Calisah says that he clashed with with one of the Tanzanian judges in swahili fashion and he declared doom in his career.

He says that he did not believe in those words and challenged him saying that one day he would be great.

Last year he bagged the award of Mr Africa International in Nigeria and proved them wrong.

He has also got several opportunities to work with to celebrated artists and is now among the most influential celebrities in Tanzania.

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Mr Africa International 2018, Calisah, has recently shared that he got the opportunity to work with Nigerian Queen of Music; Tiwa Savage.

The Super Model and entertainer says that during his visit to Nigeria last year when he went for the Mr Africa Awards, he was approached by Tiwa Savage’s  manager.

He has also worked with South African Rapper AKA, Calisah says that the duo has some some sort of advertisement that will be shared soon.

He also says that he always goes for what he loves and he always gets what he wants.

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