Why trump vowed he will never call a woman “beautiful”

Image result for donald trumpPresident Trump told an Ohio crowd Monday that he would never call a woman beautiful again because it is now “politically incorrect.”

The remarks, part of an introduction of his daughter, Ivanka Trump, seemed a jab at the #MeToo movement.

“You’re not allowed to use the word ‘beautiful’ anymore when you talk about women. It’s politically incorrect,” Trump told the crowd in Cleveland, the first of three campaign stops on Monday. He then asked the men in the crowd to raise their hands and vow to never call women beautiful.Image result for ivanka trump

The president has at times in the past described his daughter as attractive, and the White House senior adviser brought a roar from the crowd in an arena near the airport.

Trump noted, after she left the stage, that he called Ivanka Trump “smart” but he didn’t say beautiful.

Trump used the bulk of his speech to hammer Democrats on the economy and immigration, calling Democratic gubernatorial nominee Richard Cordray “a bad person who will do a terrible job” and repeating a refrain he has often uttered over the past few weeks: “Democrats produce mobs. Republicans produce jobs.”Related image

He also falsely claimed that Democrats want to allow undocumented immigrants into the country so they can vote, receive free education and all sorts of other perks.

“They want them to be able to vote,” Trump said.

Trump was in Ohio campaigning for gubernatorial nominee Mike DeWine, Senate nominee James B. Renacci and other GOP candidates.

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