Victoria Kimani apologizes to Jalang’o for calling out on him

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The  Play music KE is getting heated day after day with several artists coming forward to give their sentiments on the issue.

Kenyan Musician Victoria happens to be the latest to speak about the Play Music KE after she posted a long message of instagram calling out on Jalang’o further referring  to him as ignorant.

“Support your own Kenya DO IT NOW….for the ignorant Jalang’os that are deaf and dumb to Kenyan talent,” posted Kimani.

While responding to Victoria, Jalang’o said,

Victoria Kimani and Jalang’o (Instagram)

“Victoria I am not ignorant my dear! I think and believe no one supports local artists than I do…maybe we’ve not worked together with you. I play…I book artists for shows and I pay them…I think I have hosted and played more Kenyan Music than any other presenter you included and I don’t want to go to what happened that remains btwn us…Victoria you work soo hard and you know it! You organised a whole tour of the whole country and all those who doubted your talent now have realised who you are…That’s what we are talking about…There is no replacement for hard work! We are fixing the industry! You’ve worked with Naija artists and you’ve seen the work ethics! Our artists must change or otherwise they will be trumped on! Good music will always spread like wildfire with or without presenters! Radio and Tv are dying the next frontier is social media…This debate has reached everyone and it’s already big just because of social media if it was a song it would be big already! There are a lot of amazing Kenya artists with amazing content but unless they push themselves aggressively nobody will know about them! This is a business…Teach them do not lie to them #PlayKenyaBuyKenya.”

Following Jalang’o’s reply, Victoria Kimani was forced to eat the humble pie and apologize.

“Okay Jalang’o, sorry for calling you names! Forgive me! Kindly listen to & tweet the playlist and let us all PUSH TOGETHER… We can’t push ourselves alone!!! We are all part of this large puzzle…. with all Love, positivity & Pride,” she wrote.

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