Newcastle, Huddersfield target waits for club replacement signing before making PL move

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For a whole two-three days, we were treated with a number of articles about Newcastle and Huddersfield being interested in Empoli attacking midfielder Miha Zajc.

Playing a lot less since the Serie A side changed formation from 4312 to 352, the Slovenian international was linked to a move to either St James’ Park or John Smith’s Stadium, but, as tends to be the case, things went quite very quickly.

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According to Gazzetta dello Sport, there’s a reason for that, as Empoli would like to add another midfielder, one who fits the new tactics better, before letting the 24-year-old go.

The man they have in mind is Sturm Graz’s Peter Zulj, for whom the Italians are said to be ‘pressing’, able to play both at mezzala and in front of the defence.

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His arrival would then ‘free’ Zajc to complete his Premier League move, although there’s no indication ether Newcastle or Huddersfield have made a move as of yet, although both are again mentioned.

Considering it would be a €6m or so deal (according to the report linked above), there’s no real rush to negotiate.

Just put the money on the table and grab him.

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