New curriculum timetable features & rules of implementation issued by TSC

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After so the many struggles and hits finally the new curriculum is going down in Kenya’s education system.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued guidelines on implementing the new curriculum, whose rollout, from Pre-Primary 1 to Grade 3, started countrywide last week.

TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia said each lesson should take 30 minutes a day with five lessons in pre-primary and seven lessons in lower primary.

According to Ms Macharia, in pre-primary, language, mathematics and environment activities have five lessons each per week.

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Nancy Macharia, the chief executive officer of the Teachers Service Commission

For psychomotor and creativity activities, there are eight lessons, five for psychomotor and the remaining for creative activities.

Religious Educational activities and pastoral  programme of instructions(PPI) each have one lesson a week

The total number of lessons in pre-primary are 25 per week.

In lower primary, literacy has five lessons a week while English and Kiswahili languages or sign language have three lessons a week.

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Mathematics and environment have five lessons each, hygiene and nutrition have two, while religious studies has three lessons.

Movement and creative activities has eight lessons, three for creative activities and five for movement activities.

PPI has one lesson and the total number of lessons for all subjects a week is 35.

In special school education, communication, social skills and pre-literacy activities have five lessons, while daily living skills and religious activities, sensory integration, psychomotor and creative activities also have five lessons a week.

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