Murder suspect mysteriously vanishes from police cells in Nakuru

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Imagine the scenario of a killer roaming free after escaping, terrifying right?Well this isĀ  family’s situation after Samson Khamari, a murder suspect went missing on Wednesday under unclear circumstances from Nakuru Central Police cells.

Khamari had pleaded guilty on November 18, 2018, for murdering Martin Mathea and was supposed to be sentenced on that particular day he disappeared.

On Thursday, the victim’s family addressed the media outside the Nakuru Law Courts expressing distaste in the manner in which Khamari disappeared from police custody.

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The family, led by Vincent Mathea, called on the police to come out clearly on how such an incident could occur.

Furthermore, Joyce Wanjiku, a sister to the late Mathea was shocked that the suspect charged with robbery with violence, and causing death went missing at the watch of the police.

The family also revealed that their lives were in danger since the convict knew and understood their residential place.

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Nonetheless, they termed the incident as negligence on the side of the authorities, despite the police indicatingĀ that two officers who were on duty had been interdicted.

However, Nakuru Deputy OCPD Daniel Kitavi stated he had not received any information on the same.

The late Mathea was found dead in his house at Ngala Estate in Nakuru East Sub County.

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