UPDATE: DPP explains why Maribe’s car will remain detained


The office of the Director of Public prosecution has today said that they will not release Maribe’s car until the Government Chemist avails forensic report  to them.

Maribe’s car was detained by the police after the links to the murder of Monicah Kimani  which happened on Thursday, September 20.

The car was impounded after the arrest of  Maribe’s fiancee Joseph Irungu who was arrested as the first suspect in the ongoing case.

On 27th September, police dusted TV journalist Jacque Maribe’s car, Toyota Allion which they detained during the investigations on the grounds that Irungu was spotted with that car several times.

The exercise took place at the Kilimani Police Station as investigators sought to bring Monica’s killers into custody.

Police said the car Mr Irungu was driving when he was spotted at Limuria Apartments before Monica’s body was discovered; is registered in Maribe’s name.

Reports also reveal that, Irungu was also driving the same car at about 1.30am on September 21, when he claimed to have been shot and wounded in the chest by a gunman.

The update by the DCI comes after the duo, Maribe and Irungu appeared in court today for the hearing of their case.

Joseph Irungu still remains in police custody as Maribe was released on bail on October 30th.

The body of the 28-year-old woman was found in a bathtub in her house in Lamuria Apartments, Kilimani, Nairobi, on Thursday, September 20 by her brother George Kimani. Her throat had been slit.

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