Former Ruaraka OCS charged with mysterious innocent life killing smells judgement

Mr Nahashon Mutua, a former Ruaraka OCS was charged with the murder of Martin Koome, who died on December 19, 2013.

The court heard that following the death, Mr Mutua hatched a scheme to cover-up the murder by implicating Mr Koome’s cellmate with the killing.

The court heard that the former officer ordered the release of some suspects after they agreed to record statements implicating one of the accused person.

Mr Kelvin Odhiambo had initially been charged with murder but a complaint was filed at Independent Policing Oversight Authority. After an investigation, it was discovered that the charge was a cover-up.

Mr Odhiambo’s case was then terminated by the Director of Public Prosecutions about nine months later and Mr Mutua was charged with murdering Mr Koome.

Following the death of Mr Koome, Mr Mutua was transferred to Machakos County as the staffing officer personnel.

Some 18 witnesses testified in the case and in his defence. Mr Mutua called nine witnesses.

During the hearing, Mr Koome’s wife told Justice Stella Mutuku that he came home drunk on the fateful night and the two quarrelled over their child.

Neighbours reported the matter to the police, saying Mr Koome was endangering the life of the child.

She accompanied the police and while breastfeeding at the report desk, she could hear her husband pleading with the police to stop beating him.

Mr Koome’s cellmates said they saw the police officer beating and immersing Mr Koome in a drum full of water.

When he was returned to the cell, the court heard, he was wet and was also bleeding. He was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital where he died.

On his part, Mr Mutua said there is nothing to connect the accused with the death expect speculations, outright lies and suspicion.​

The Former OCS is expected to know his fate anytime from now .

This comes as netizens on social media have called for for justice. They have ganged up under the #ExtraJudicial Killings to call for justice for this and many other cases.

Here are some of the reactions

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