James Orengo Hits Out at Top Media House Engaging in Careless Journalism

Siaya Senator James Orengo is known to be a Raila Odinga fanatic and a fierce one at that. It is therefore just normal that news of his alleged resistance to the handshake would shock many people.

According to The Star Newspaper, Orengo  demanded that President Uhuru Kenyatta compensate victims of the 2017 post election violence ahead of his visit to the lakeside City of Kisumu. The newspaper even claimed that Orengo is also secretly against the handshake.

The President will be in the lakeside City on December 13th to launch the piloting of Universal Healthcare Coverage, part of his Big Four Agenda.

This will be Uhuru’s first visit to the region since the now famous March 9th Handshake between him and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga.

Orengo has now come out to publicly deny claims made by the Star Newspaper. In a post on his official twitter handle, the Siaya Senator said: “This is utter nonsense and a planted story to create a narrative that can only find traction in feeble and gullible minds. I know the source and how it was crafted and fed to selected purveyors of lies and evil designs,”

“It looks like someone is creating a story, a narrative and then they ask me a question. When did I say that? Where? I have not been to any meeting. Yesterday I was not anywhere. I was not at any meeting yesterday the whole day,” he added.

The ODM Party has also cautioned the Star from engaging in what it called Sensational journalism.

ODM’s director of Communication Philip Etale has also bashed the Star for dwelling on imaginary stories targeting the ODM Party and it’s leadership. He has called out the newspaper for engaging in careless journalism while also reiterating that ODM Party leader Raila Odinga and James Orengo Enjoy a cordial working relationship.

”  has for some time now been dwelling on imaginary stories targeting the & it’s leadership. This is pure fiction & careless style of journalism aimed at exciting a section of the political divide. & enjoy cordial working r/ship,” tweeted Etale.

Do you think that trouble is brewing in ODM as the Star Newspaper put’s it or these are just pure imaginations?

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