Stop talking! Angry youths tell off defensive President Kenyatta

Is President Kenyatta being insensitive to the opinion of Kenyans? 

Kenyans have landed con social media and accused President Kenyatta of acting ridiculously after he appointed former Vice President Moody Awori to the Youth Affairs and Funds Dockets on Wednesday.

However, the president asked Kenyans to leave him alone since the youth had also proved that they could not be fully trusted simply because they are young. He asked people to let him be with ‘his’ 91 year old man.

Kenyans would however hear non of that and they faced him with all types of attacks branding him as a shame to the youth since has always ‘pretended’ to be behind the youth in their quest to succeed in life. According to Kenyatta however, this is the motovation behind his move since he wants to have a responsible person at the docket rather than a young thief.

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