Kumbe Wanaogopa! MPs Abandon Abandon Quest For Higher Pay, At least For Now

News that Kenyan Members of Parliament were planning to increase their perks was received with a lot of bitterness among Kenyans. The MPs were called out for their never ending greed that has so far cost the tax payer billions of shillings.

The situation was so alarming that the head of State, Uhuru Kenyatta had to come in and caution them against increasing their salaries and allowances any further.

Uhuru joined calls by opposition Chief Raila Odinga who also called on the members of parliament to quash their attempts to increase their perks as the ordinary Kenyan was already overburdened with huge wage bills.

It now looks like the Members of Parliament heed to the calls by the President as they today decided to delay the passage of the Parliamentary Service Bill.

The bill was supposed to have been passed by Thursday before the MPs’ long Christmas recess.

However, it was not listed as part of the business that was to be transacted by the house.

The proposal will likely be considered in February 2019 when the next session begins.

President Kenyatta has told off the MPs at least twice on their quest to increase perks which include house allowances, car loans and insurance covers.

At Ndumberi Stadium in Kiambu County on Wednesday, he noted that Kenyans are tired and angry with lawmakers who keep increasing their earnings at their expense.

The president promised not to approve the bill, which has attracted growing public condemnation, regardless of whether it will cost him the goodwill of the National Assembly.

“I have to say this, and I know many people will get angry with me … there are some things people (MPs) are trying to pass in the assembly (yet) what I have heard wananchi saying is that they are tired of this behaviour by MPs of always increasing their salaries,” he said.

“I am in support … even if you (MPs) hate me I will not retreat, and if you bring it (the bill) I will shoot it down (sic).”.

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