Kenyans given one condition to become permanent American citizens

Image result for Atlantic American PartnersA US private equity firm jetted into Kenya scouting for the rich to invest their way into America.

The American company known as Atlantic American Partners can get you an investment green card under a little-known option used to enter USA in just two years known as EB-5.

The private equity firm is fishing for capital from wealthy Africans in exchange for living and working in the US permanently. For as little as Sh50 million investment.Image result for 50 million gif

. Atlantic American Partners Managing Director, Emerging Markets-Africa Daniel Ryan, who has been in South Africa for a month, has jetted into the country to market the product which will be channelled to the real estate market abroad.

“This form of legal immigration has been in place since 1990 which allows anyone across the world who invests $500,000 (Sh50 million) in the US and generate jobs, a permanent Green Card,” said Mr Ryan at a press briefing in Nairobi yesterday.Image result for Atlantic American Partners

He added that the option to move to the US has been prominent in China but has had little interest, especially among Africans. The private equity firm that offers investment management, advisory and other related services, pools the funds and invests in high-rise multi-family units, hotels, assisted living homes and are currently venturing into student housing.

The investments have a five-year lifespan after which the investor who will have settled in the US gets their principal back plus a return of between 22.5 to five per cent.Related imageThe Pentagon will however begin sending a backlog of thousands of green-card holders to recruit training, suspending a policy adopted by President Donald Trump’s administration that required more-stringent background checks for some immigrants wanting to serve.

The policy called for green-card holders to submit to and complete a full background check and respond to any concerns before they could go to boot camp which was in addition to standard requirements for green-card applicants, such as biometrics screening, reports The Washington Post.

The change put thousands of people in limbo, as their screening languished and specific jobs within the military promised to them slipped away.

The new directive issued on Monday says that each armed service must comply immediately with a preliminary injunction issued last month in the District Court for the Northern District of California.

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