The Best Apology is to Resign: Nairobians Not Moved by Sonko’s Crocodile Tears

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko is a man under Pressure. The County boss is now torn in between bringing back sanity to Nairobi’s Central Business District and heeding to the pleas of over a million commuters that have been adversely affected by his ban on Matatus in the CBD.

The Pressure is too much that the governor has now had to apologize to the people of Nairobi. While offering an apology, Sonko asked for support saying the situation will improve. He is however yet to lift the ban meaning the ban stays.

Sonko’s  has angered many commuters and faced opposition from a section of political leaders led by Senator Johnson Sakaja with Embakasi MP Babu Owino also joining in the debate.

According to Babu, Banning matatus from the CBD is like fighting a dead fight. Babu has compared Sonko’s Ban on Matatus to a man trying to treat diarrhea by blocking the anus.

“Banning matatus from the CBD is like trying to treat diarrhea by blocking the anus,italipuka,” said Babu Owino

On his part,  Sakaja cited lack of public participation and availability of viable alternatives in bid to block Mr Sonko’s ban.

“The move by Governor Mike Sonko to ban matatus from the CBD is premature, and unfair to ordinary citizens. You don’t ban matatus before providing alternatives for commuters,” said Sakaja on Monday morning.

He says the ban must be rescinded immediately and proper planning done.

The two leaders from Nairobi have already attracted great support from Nairobi residents with some calling for the resignation of Governor Sonko. The residents are seemingly unmoved by Sonko’s apology.

They have called for the Governor to immediately lift the ban and allow PSV’s operate within the CBD.

Below are Some of the Reactions:

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