Stupid Nairobi politics !!Sonko reveals why Sakaja went to court

Related imageIs Sakaja using the opportunity of banned matatus to campaign for governorship?

Kenyans have been for a long time been taken for a ride by leaders with empty promises , but rarely do they learn.

In what Sonko described as a fitness exercise , most commuters who travel to Nairobi have taken the statement as an ‘insult’.

When asked to comment on the issue of Nairobi Senator Sakaja going to court to challenge Matatus from accessing the CBD , Governor sonko made a shocking revelation that ought to wake up every Kenyan voter.

In what he termed as “kipindire” , the Nairobi governor used the opportunity to shed insincerity on the issue by claiming the senator Sakaja had a different motive from what the ordinary Kenyan voter thinks.

Rise to governorship

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When former Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko was under under Kidero governance, he was riding on populist pledges to shore up his bid for the Nairobi governor’s seat and attract voters in masses.
But keen to ensure that he was still in touch with his grassroots fan base that was not impressed with elitism and which had propelled him this far, Sonko outlined what he would do in his first 100 days in office – should he be elected – that would resonate with ordinary mwananchi.

And that is what Sakaja is doing according to a statement that Sonko made , which he later withdrew from.

Sonko claims the senator is campaigning for the position of top seat in the county of Nairobi but riding on the problems of the common mwananchi.

The Nairobi Senator Sakaja Johnson and 21 matatu saccos have taken on City Hall and Governor Mike over their decision to ban public service vehicles from the Central Business District (CBD).

In his case filed at the High Court on Monday morning, Mr Sakaja accuses Mr Sonko of failing to consult the public and stakeholders before effecting the ban.

City Hall, he argues, has also not provided millions of commuters viable alternatives to make their commute smooth and comfortable.

What Matatu sacco’s dont know is that the , though they might be fighting the same war , the destination is different. Sakaja’s intrest are different from the issues the ordinary Kenyan may be fighting to solve.

Police and traffic marshals started effecting the ban early Monday morning, forcing matatus to drop off passengers outside the CBD.

For how long will

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