KOT Land On Sonko For His Amateurish Thinking

Will Mike Sonko heed to the pleas of the many Nairobians affected by this CBD ban on Public Service Vehicles? The City boss has continued to face great opposition not just from commuters but also from a section of Political leaders led by his very own Senator Johnson Sakaja who has now even moved to Court to have the ban suspended.

Mr Sakaja cited lack of public participation and availability of viable alternatives in bid to block Mr Sonko’s ban.

“The move by Governor Mike Sonko to ban matatus from the CBD is premature, and unfair to ordinary citizens. You don’t ban matatus before providing alternatives for commuters,” said Sakaja on Monday morning.

He says the ban must be rescinded immediately and proper planning done.

A section of Kenyans online have joined Sakaja in voicing their displeasure at the CBD Ban. Here are some of the reactions:

“You expected someone who thought pouring tonnes of human shit at Jacaranda grounds is a brilliant idea, would come up with an actual brilliant one? What is wrong with you?,” tweeted 

“Critically would have banned private cars from entering CBd instead of , allowing a private car carrying 1 person to job over a matatu carrying 60 people isn’t logical at all,” tweeted 

“Nairobians voted for a Chokoraa, saying he understands people’s problems and he’s generous. How come right now he doesn’t understand that you need matatus to access CBD? Choices have consequences!

In Africa we think like cockerels, no where in the world you implement a policy without alternative! Poorly designed roads, no pedestrian walks, no cycling paths, no bicycle parking slots, only the poor voter uses PSVs, themselves will be dropped at office doors! – 

Are going to demand workable transport solutions from Governor or will they just express their anger on social media? When leaders make decisions without considering us, we must take action beyond whining privately. Hold Sonko accountable for #MatatuCBDBan – 


In a notice published in the local dailies last Thursday, City Hall announced that 11 termini had been designated for all matatus in Nairobi to pick and drop off passengers.

While some Kenyans support the ban of matatus from the CBD, a majority are of the view that the idea was poorly planned, hence, the chaos and inconvenience witnessed on Monday morning.

Hundreds of commuters were forced to walk long distances on Monday morning as the matatu operators headed the directive to drop off passengers at the new designated areas.

Police officers and traffic marshals have been deployed across the city to enforce the directive.

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