From the Most Improved Governor To An Enemy of the People – The Rise and Fall of Sonko

Mike Sonko, a man who just last week was recognized as the most improved Kenyan Governor has today found his name in the bad books of Kenyans and especially those from Nairobi.

According to Tifa, Mike Sonko is the most improved Governor. Sonko posted an improvement from a D+ he scored in May this year to a C last month.

Sonko’s improvement might end up being watered down by his latest move to have all Public Service Vehicles barred from accessing the Central Business District (CBD), a move that has angered many commuters and faced opposition from a section of political leaders led by Senator Johnson Sakaja.

Mr Sakaja cited lack of public participation and availability of viable alternatives in bid to block Mr Sonko’s ban.

“The move by Governor Mike Sonko to ban matatus from the CBD is premature, and unfair to ordinary citizens. You don’t ban matatus before providing alternatives for commuters,” said Sakaja on Monday morning.

He says the ban must be rescinded immediately and proper planning done.

In a notice published in the local dailies last Thursday, City Hall announced that 11 termini had been designated for all matatus in Nairobi to pick and drop off passengers.

While some Kenyans support the ban of matatus from the CBD, a majority are of the view that the idea was poorly planned, hence, the chaos and inconvenience witnessed on Monday morning.

Hundreds of commuters were forced to walk long distances on Monday morning as the matatu operators headed the directive to drop off passengers at the new designated areas.

Police officers and traffic marshals have been deployed across the city to enforce the directive.

Sonko has already offered an apology to Nairobians but he is yet to lift the ban meaning the ban stays. He has however asked for support saying that the situation will improve.

His apology seem to have done little to take away the pain and anger among Nairobians with some calling for his resignation.

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