Babu Owino Warns Sonko of an Impending Diarrhea Attack After Matatu CBD Ban


Mike Sonko’s move to ban Public Service Vehicles from accessing the Central Business District continue to draw mixed reactions among Nairobi residents with many of them opposing Mike Sonko’s directive.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has now joined in the debate. Babu has termed the ban as total Madness that has been prematurely implemented.

Babu says that while giving the directive, Governor Sonko did not consider a number of important things. He has for instance questioned if the Governor was even mindful of the disabled and if he really considered the great distance between different bus stations.

“MADNESS! has been prematurely implemented. You cannot ban Matatus from accessing Nairobi CBD without a well developed mass transit system within the CBD. Did Mike Sonko consider the disabled, the sick not to mention the great distance between different bus stations?,” said Babu Owino.

According to Babu, Banning matatus from the CBD is like fighting a dead fight. Babu has compared Sonko’s Ban on Matatus to a man trying to treat diarrhea by blocking the anus.

“Banning matatus from the CBD is like trying to treat diarrhea by blocking the anus,italipuka,” said Babu Owino

The Pressure on the Governor’s side seem to be getting  too much that the governor has now had to apologize to the people of Nairobi. While offering an apology, Sonko asked for support saying the situation will improve. He is however yet to lift the ban meaning the ban stays.

On his part,  Sakaja cited lack of public participation and availability of viable alternatives in bid to block Mr Sonko’s ban.

“The move by Governor Mike Sonko to ban matatus from the CBD is premature, and unfair to ordinary citizens. You don’t ban matatus before providing alternatives for commuters,” said Sakaja on Monday morning.

He says the ban must be rescinded immediately and proper planning done.

The two leaders from Nairobi have already attracted great support from Nairobi residents with some calling for the resignation of Governor Sonko. The residents are seemingly unmoved by Sonko’s apology.


They have called for the Governor to immediately lift the ban and allow PSV’s operate within the CBD.

Below are Some of the Reactions:

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