Is the prosecution snooping on Maribe?

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Even after the Court through Justice James Wakiaga granted her access to her house to collect her clothes, Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe is still not satisfied with the way in which she is being treated by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


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Through her lawyer Katwa Kigen, Miss Maribe has now raised an issue with the manner in which the prosecution is using her mobile phone. According to the journalist, ever since she surrendered her phone during the investigations in the Monica Kimani case, someone has been using her phone to send messages to her friends.


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According to Maribe’s friends, they had to remove her from her various WhatsApp groups as they realized the messages were being read yet Maribe did not have her phone.


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“We had to ‘left’ her from various WhatsApp groups in which she was in because we realised the messages were being read. And you know some of those groups have crazy stuff on there,” said one of her friends adding that they would readd her once she gets back possession of her phone.


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The claims by Maribe come after the ODPP, through Prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki said that Maribe would only get her phone back once it was produced in court arguing that it is an exhibit in the murder case.

The journalist had also appealed to get her car back but that too was shot down as the prosecution said that it was awaiting a government chemist report.

“…we are waiting for a report from the government chemist which is not ready on whether they should release it or use it as an exhibit,” Ms Mwaniki told the court.

However, Maribe, through Kigen is now crying for justice arguing that, unless the court intervenes, the DPP and the DCI will continue using their public, statutory and constitutional advantages to despise and violate her.



Do you think that by reading her WhatApp messages, the prosecution has violated Maribe’s right to privacy?

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