Revealed: Poor Jowie might suffer lung collapse and pneumonia

Was the bullet removed from the rm of murder suspect Joeseph Irungu alias Jowie after he allegedly short himself? This remains the question as Jowie continue to suffer at Kamiti maximum prison.

The murder suspect who was arrested alongside his fiance TV girl journalist Maribe has hence been denied bail even as the fiance secured a release on bail. Irungu who still has a bullet wound on his arm was described by Justice James Wakiaga as a male version of a slayqueen and a woman eater after beig termed as a flight risk and denied release. The Court however directed that Jowie receives treatment from Kenyatta National Hospital, which declined to offer him treatment because of a Sh31 million debt owed by the prisons.

According to a medical report, the suffering Irungu might suffer lung collapse and pneumonia if not attended to in good time.

As a result, the KNH has been ordered by the Court to immediately admit murder suspect.

Irungu and Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe were charged with killing Monica Kimani on September 19. They however pleaded not guilty.

Yesterday, High Court judge James Wakiaga directed that Irungu undergo surgery to remove a bullet from his shoulder or he will review his October 30 decision that denied him bail, to enable him to seek medical attention at another facility.

Irungu withdrew an application he filed to have Wakiaga disqualify himself over alleged bias when he described him as a woman eater. Maribe has been allowed access to her house, but her mobile phone will be used as evidence. Probe into her car, allegedly used during the murder, is underway and she will only be allowed to have it if a report directs so.

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From suffering a bullet wound, risking pneumonia attack and now lung collapse, do you think Jowie should be released so as to seek specialised treatment elsewhere?

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