Jacque Maribe Now sues DCI and DPP, Wants them jailed for six months

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Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe now wants Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji and DCI George Kinoti found in contempt of court for failing to hand over her Langata rental house as directed by the court.

She is also seeking release of her car which was impounded after police claimed her boyfriend Joseph Irungu alias Jowie used it on the night Monica Kimani was killed.

In an application to court through her lawyer Katwa Kigen, Maribe also laments that despite a court order, the authorities are yet to return her phone, SIM and memory cards.

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“Punishment(s) be meted out to the contemnors for their imprisonment for a period of up to six months and or a fine of Sh200,000 or otherwise as the court may deem fit, just and fair for the integrity of the court proceeding…” reads a section of her application.

She also complains that the prosecution is yet to make any documents or materials likely to be used during the hearing of the case available.

As a result, she has asked the court to disqualify the lead prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki from the case if found in contempt.

While Maribe is out on bail, Jowie is held in remand after the court declined to release him while the case is being heard and determined.

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Maribe wants the court to award her “monetary compensation for delay to hand over the house as the court may deem just and fair.”

She argues that the prosecution might have delayed in supply of document “because the materials show no culpable evidence against the applicant, yet they have maintained to the public the posture of being sterling having resolved the crime(s) at hand and having established culpable parties on an objective measure.”

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“The materials will show the unjust malice against the Applicant in being charged for public spectacle than for the merits and any culpability in the case.”

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