Itumbi shares Maribe’s frustration ahead of court hearing


We all wish we had such a supportive friend and although Dennis Itumbi has been trolled for being a good friend.It is admirable how he has stood with Jacque Maribe through the storm. From the poems to the prayer he stands for what he believes in.

The Secretary of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication in the Office of the President Dennis Itumbi who is Maribe’s long time friend took to social media to emphasize that justice should be done even as Maribe will be taken to court tomorrow.

Itumbi also shared his frustration saying that Maribe has still not been provided with any witness statements or the access to her house despite the clear orders that were given.

On the 30th of October, the Citizen Tv news anchor was granted bail and the Judge even linked one of the reasons as for her to be reunited with her son.

Although this might have come to pass, the court has still not given her the access to her house as revealed by Maribe’s friend.

“My friend Jacque Maribe is back in court tomorrow. Very sad that the prosecution has yet to provide her with witness statements or even access to her house to pick her clothes and those of her son. That is despite clear court orders last month.

Justice should be done and seen to be done at all times But then again the Prosecution, it seems are a law to themselves, they operate on their own orders and disobey the ones they want as they wish, in street Lingua….mtado?” reads Itumbi’s tweet.

The TV girl has been on the spot ever since the news broke that her fiancee Joseph Irungu was arrested as first suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder.

This move seemingly took a toll on her but with the undying support of her family and friends, Maribe still continues to hold herself together even as Joseph Irungu still remains in police custody.

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