Politician vows to sell half his wealth just to stop opponent from winning

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When people are willing to gamble all their wealth just to bring you down then your enemies are truly not sleeping. This is the current situation in western county.

Controversial Kakamega based tycoon Cleophas Shimanyula alias Toto has vowed to sell half his wealth to ensure former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale does not win the county’s gubernatorial contest in 2022.

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Khalwale who was beaten by Governor Wycliffe Oparanya when he first contested for the gubernatorial seat in 2017 has made it clear he would give it a second stab in 2022 but Toto said he would do all it takes to kill the former senator’s dream.

Speaking during an interview with local radio station Nyota FM Shimanyula said Khalwale had failed as a leader and was a disgrace to the Luhya community he claimed he was fighting for.

Toto criticised Khalwale’s quick about turn which saw him begin supporting Deputy President William Ruto whom he used to bash and rebuke his leadership. “Khalwale is desperate and broke.

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He is following Ruto because he wants the DP to fund him. We are not sure if he’s a campaigner or bodyguard. He created no job and is a perfect example of a failed Luhya leader.

Ruto has better people to rely on in Kakamega county but the former senator is not one of them” Toto said.

According to the tycoon who boasts a fleet of public transport vehicles and the proprietor of Premier League football club Kakamega Homeboyz, area Jubilee MPs Bernard Shinali (Ikolomani) Emmanuel Wangwe (Navakholo), Malulu Injendi (Malava) david Were (Matungu) and Benjamin Washiali of Mumias East were more valuable to the DP than Khalwale.

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Toto alleged to have bankrolled Oparanya’s campaigns in 2013 and 2017 said he could have funded Khalwale’s campaign in 2022 but his arrogance, disrespect to other leaders and indecision made him vow to never back his ambition.

“He could humbly borrow me ten cars and about KSh 200 million to fund his campaign but he chose abuses. He fights me because I don’t support him. I will show my true colours in 2022. I will use my cars, pour as much money as half my wealth and talk to the voters. He will have no vote,” said Toto.

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