“Love in the air” Hamisa Mobetto’s hot romantic videos with new lover


Hamisa Mobetto is blown away right now as love gets to its peak with her new boyfriend. On her Instagram page, Hamisa Mobetto says that she loves how this new man is treating her, allows her to sit on his lap and the way he looks at her completely wins her heart.

For those who were asking whether Hamisa was back in the love game.. I guess you have your answer now.. her caption for this photo tells it all.

Hamisa brought her new love into the limelight after she shared a video weeks ago, in which she was holding hands in the streets on what seemed like a romantic walk in with a man whose identity was not revealed.

Things escalated from holding hands to being carried like a baby and Hamisa is  left giggling seemingly enjoying the moment.Fans  were convinced that this is obviously Mr Right and  I think they were not wrong. Love always finds it way.

Maybe it came off  as a shock to fans since Hamisa initially seemed like she had an obsession over Diamond Platinumz love.. and when the relationship ended after hitting the rocks I don’t  think any of us saw it coming this soon.. Hamisa describes the man as ‘a soul that sits on her heart..

Hamisa Mobetto has been on a trip to America for weeks now and it seems like she is ready to mark another territory.

It has only been a few months since  Tanzanian beauty, socialite and Diamond Platinumz ex girlfriend had a nasty break up with the WCB star after witchcraft allegations.

Fans have reacted saying that this man is good for her because ever since the two started hanging out, it has all been a pure glow on her face



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Ila Penzi Letu Raha Sana ???❤️?. . . #IlaMeBilaHuyuSiweziJaman?? #YaniApoNimepakatwa??‍♀️ #AnavyoNitazamaYaraab????☺️

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