Exposed: Police asks for bribe to arrest suspect; from man who was conned


The perception that Kenyans have on the Kenyan Police is pretty disturbing and sickening but the reality is that the reports made on bribe cases among the other unpleasant things that they are involved in is worrying.

Especially knowing that they carry a huge responsibility in promoting peace and ensuring that Kenyans are safe.

But what if it does not feel peaceful for one to report to the police when something happens?  Many Kenyans have a number of reasons to give up on the police and although recognizing their efforts time to time it is also important to understand the concerns of Kenyans.  There is a gap and if not fixed we might end up dealing with bigger problems in the country.

Earlier this morning, a man by the name Elisha Tiak took to social media to ask journalist and activist Boniface Mwangi  to help him get t the bottom of the issue.

Mr Elisha said that he was conned by a man who is using a parody account on Facebook earlier this year and even after reporting to the police, Elisha alleges that they wanted him to pay a bribe so that that they may arrest the suspect.

Elisha also claims that his efforts to reach to the DCI has bore no fruits and justice has not been served.

This is just one incidence but think about the many that could not voice their frustrations…

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