Diamond Platinumz defends ‘raunchy’ song amid criticism

Tanzanian Artist Diamond Platinumz has defended a recent song which was produced under his record label WCB.

The song ‘Mwanza’ was released two days ago and is a collabo of the duo Rayvanny and Diamond Platinumz. The WCB boss spoke in the defense of the song hours after he received a warning from the Tanzanian Art Council.

Despite the warning, the song is still available on YouTube although they had been asked to pull it down.

According to BASATA, the song  defies the law by containing explicit content . The song is prohibited from being played anywhere in the country and the Art council is ready to take further action since the song has already been shared on social media platforms.

Wasafi Tv had revealed that the ‘Mwanza’ song was set to open the stage during the Wasafi Festival Which is set to be held in Mtwaraa.
The Tanzanian  Art Council has however warned that they will take action if at all the song will be used during the Festival.
The words used in the song according to BASATA encourages sex which is controversial with vulgar language that is against the values.
They have also sent individual warnings addressing Rayvanny and Diamond as well as the entire management of Diamond Platinumz’s record label WCB saying that they should observe all the regulations set in regard to the creation of their art work; which in this case is their music.
Diamond Platinumz however said that the problem is in the interpreter  and not in the author of the song.. ‘Mambo mengine.. anayetafsiri ndiye anayekosea’ he said
Do you agree with Diamond’s remarks on this? 


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