VIDEO: New Technology that could end the ‘News Anchor’ career

The Media industry is going through adverse changes and with technology being the core of development, some careers could come to an end.

Is the world ready for this major revolution? Think about the media space in the next 5 years if you are already in the Industry, will your career be relevant? Food for thought.

The World’s first Artificial Intelligence news anchor debuts in China; which country will be next and how many will be ready to embrace this technology?

The China’s state-run news agency just unveiled the AI-powered anchor at China’s World Internet Conference.

The news anchor is modeled on a real presenter named Zhang Zhow. The anchor learns from live broadcast videos and is able to man the news desk 24-hours a day.

Media personalities will need to be flexible and all rounded to adjust to the changes that are yet to come. I stepped out  to get opinions  of what some people think about this invention.

“You know what? Unless something really crazy happens. People watch news like those people who watch sports. Ask me I will tell you. A robot just won’t cut it.

I think the platforms might change. For example the BBC’s and CNN’s might not be big anymore. But news will remain news”

But what if this invention proves to be more reliable? What if  it will redefine news and cut out on the gaps that are currently in the media Industry? and what if it will have the capability to differentiate between facts and fake news.


As revealed in the video, research film Gatner predicts that AI will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020 1.8 million jobs will be eliminated over the same period of time.

The news anchor is said to have the ability of working for 24 hours in a day.. where does this place the career of news anchors?

It all weighs back to what makes you stand out. We all have to be extra to survive in the coming days.


What do you think about this invention?


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