Revealed! How Private vans are ferrying passengers to their graves

The private van that was pictured picking passengers on Mfangano Street. PHOTO | COURTESY

Matatu Madness is a real thing. A private van pictured on Mfangano Street picking up passengers headed upcountry on Wednesday night best captured the madness on our roads.

Private vans are by law not supposed to pick up passengers in terminals reserved for public service vehicles.Always try and check out the Matatus before you board just for your own safety.

The matatu (KCK 469M) had a board on it that showed it was headed to Kisumu, Chavakali, Kakamega and Mumias. It’s tinted windows made it difficult to determine the number of passengers who had already boarded.

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This happened just days after police launched a crackdown on matatus in the country. Police have always warned drivers of private vans from picking passengers like matatus.

The Transafaris Sacco Limited, whose board was perched on top of the private van to lure customers, has since pleaded its innocence saying they were not involved.

According to Patrick Magwa, the saccos manager, the driver of the private van picked the board without asking for permission.

“We had already closed business and was shocked that the owner of the private van decided to use our metallic board to lure customers into boarding the van, ” he said.

NTSA right now means business. The rules they have laid down right now , forget the Michuki rules.

Not only to drivers but all also passengers are now just popping eyes not to be caught in the long whip of The NTSA, because you will regret driving or even owning a car.

It will be risky for you to drive on Kenyan roads without having a car insurance. So you need to get your car insured by an insurance company.

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