Eric Omondi: Jacque Maribe and I are still very tight

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Jacque Maribe has known to make poor choices when it comes to boyfriends. In fact I have never seen anyone as unlucky as the embattled Citizen TV reporter.

Can you imagine she dated Eric Omondi, a tiny mosquito who decided to film himself swimming in a river with children in the name of comedy?

Of course we all know her story with Dennis Itumbi, the State House Director of Digital Innovations who has never been known to have an opinion. His work is to make noise on social media like a parrot.

Jacque’s best choice was perhaps Jowie the cute boy. But it happens the man from Nakuru was also a bad boy. He dragged her into a murder case. Our beautiful lady spend weeks at Langata Women’s Prison because of cute Jowie.

Anyway, I am not in position to judge her choice of lovers since I also have my own bag of shit that someone has to deal with everyday in the name of love.

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I am however surprised at how Jacque’s boyfriends have come out to support her during her dark hour despite the fact that she heartbroke some of them.

Just look at how Denis Itumbi was behaving like an adolescent on puberty when Jacque was arrested. Maribe’s arrest brought out a talent about Itumbi that we didn’t know. I doubt if he knew it either. The man started writing poems that would have made Shakespeare proud.

But it seems Itumbi is not the only ex who has not moved on from Maribe’s life. Eric Omondi has also come out and said their relations is still very tight.

“The question has been asked by so many people, but me and Jacque, we are good friends,” Eric told Massawe Japani on Radio Jambo.

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In 2015, the comedian admitted that he was in a relationship with Jacque Maribe but the two were no longer an item, and he had since moved on.

He had always denied being in a relationship with the TV presenter and being the father of Jackie’s baby. The two had kissed passionately during Jacque’s birthday, and the photos showing the intimate moment leaked on social media.

Eric further explained on Radio Jambo how the two met, saying it was in their line of duty.

“I met Jacque Maribe when we were both employees at Radio Africa Group, and our friendship grew from there. We even went for a date at Sarit Centre and had some tea. Since then our friendship has been so tight,” he said.

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“Till now we are still friends and every time we tell ourselves that whatever happens, we will still remain friends. I chat her on messages but I will not say if I visited her when she was incarcerated.”

Earlier on, State House operative Dennis Itumbi, who has also been romantically linked with the anchor, defended Eric Omondi for posting Jacque Maribe’s son on social media, saying he (Eric) was only expressing his friendship by posting the picture.

Asked if the two are friends, Eric said yes, but claimed to have forgotten where he was during Jacque’s baby shower, which was held in Dennis Itumbi’s house.

Do you think Jacque Maribe deserves all these praises?

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