Akili Duni? Malala and Echesa Engage in Abusive War of Words Live on Radio

Ever seen people that won’t just respect each other no matter the initiatives put in place to make them bury the hatchet? For a long time now, Sports CS Rashid Echesa and Kakamega Senator Cleophas have been engaging in an ugly war of words that got even more ugly when the CS allegedly paid some journalists to photoshop the senator in a compromising situation with a unknown woman.

Their beef seem to have now escalated even further after a video emerged of the two leaders engaging in a heated war of words at a local radio station.

In the video, CS Echesa is in a radio interview during which Senator Malala is called to clear the air on his tribal affiliations. CS Echesa had claimed that Senator Malala is not a Luhyia simply because the Senator could not speak the Luhyia language fluently. This claim seem to have infuriated the Senator who ended up referring to the CS as someone with a loose brain.

Attempts by the radio Presenter to make the senator apologize to the CS were fruitless after the CS stood his ground and continued passing his message of displeasure to the CS.

Cleophas Malala and Sports CS Rashid Echesa have been engaging in a war of words ever since Malala became CS.

Echesa once cautioned Mr. Malala to stop taking ill of the deputy president William Ruto since it is the DP that actually built him his home at a cost of 7 million shillings.

“It’s so unfortunate that my brother Malala is calling the Deputy President a thief yet Mheshimiwa Ruto built a Sh7 million house for him when he was still an MCA.” Rashid told host Ken Indimuli of Bungoma based Nyota TV.

“It’s me who took Malala to Mr Ruto’s home in Eldoret where Malala begged for a house because he was still staying in a rental house, a whole MCA.”

Just four months ago, three people were seriously injured when a convoy belonging to Senator Malala was attacked by violent youths chanting pro-Rashid songs at Mayoni in Kakamega County.

Do you think that CS Echesa and Malala have crossed the line this time round?

Check out Kenyans Reactions to the Video below:

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