Why police officers have become a security threat to Kenyans

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Police have on many occasions been accused of using their weapons irresponsibly and hurting innocent citizens. The recent incident in Kilifi County is one that the government should look into seriously as police officers all over the country are using their guns to instil fear and cause harm rather than protect Kenyans.

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On Tuesday night, Juma Safari, a boda boda rider in Kilifi county was transporting charcoal when a police officer decided to open fire and shoot him. According to Juma, he was riding on the Marafa-Malindi road when the officer who was in a Probox ordered him to stop before shooting him.

“I had surrendered after they stopped me but I was surprised to see one of them firing his gun. I fell down after one of the bullets hit my shoulder,” he said.

The victim said that he now does not know the whereabouts of his motorbike and the three sacks of charcoal he was transporting.

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According to Magarini OCPD, Gerald Barasa and Area DCI Boss, Boaz Obeto, an investigation has now been launched into the shooting of the boda boda rider.

“The law shall be taken against the officers if found culpable of committing an offence of shooting the victim in cold blood,” he said.

The 28-year-old was rushed to Marafa Health Center by police before he was moved to Malindi Sub County Hospital for specialised treatment.

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Juma’s brother, Kitsao Charo, said that Juma makes his living out of transporting charcoal despite the ban on charcoal burning in the area.

The Magarini OCPD Mr. Barasa also added that they have intensified the war against charcoal burning in the area warning smugglers whom he says now use motorbikes to ferry their illicit cargo.
The government had earlier this year banned the production of charcoal and put restrictions on transportation and trading of charcoal business in a bid to protect the environment from desertification.
This is not the first time a police officer has used his weapon to injure innocent Kenyans. What do you think needs to be done to stop the shooting of innocent Kenyans by police officers who have now become a security threat?

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