Warning : Why any silly blunder in 2022 will spell doom for Kenya

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Who when elected president can deal with cartels?

This country needs a fearless and strong president that will ruthlessly deal with cartels.

So far, only William has been given clean bills of health and character by the clergy, council of Imams, the Indian community and world leaders.

No one has come forth as his 2022 challenger. They are all afraid of him. They are cowardly shouting from their hideouts.

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Ruto’s antecedents unarguably attest to his impeccable character and disciplined mind. He minces his words accurately and only talks when necessary.

However , all is not well with Kenya. We are a country that swims in corruption, incompetence, insecurity and deceit. As a result, we cannot expect a prosperous nation. Anything that is contrary to accountability is an exercise in futility.

Unlike the current narrow minded individuals that lack inclusive attitude to other people’s opinions, Ruto’s government will not be a government of argument. His Presidency will bring to an end the hopelessness and despondency in our nation and renew our hope given the current unsustainable ugly economic situation in Kenya. To secure the future of our children, Kenyans are indomitably determined to get it right this time around. Any silly blunder will spell dooms for Kenya.

My people say when the head of a fish is rotten, other parts are as well, unfit for human consumption. When a leader of a country deliberately fails either by commission or omission to end corruption, our dream to the state of utopia is rough.

Asked to explain what he is doing to end corruption, President Kenyatta confessed that he was powerless. The un-presidential language he displayed and unguarded statements on such issue of national importance was a big embarrassment to the nation.

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Kenya is in a Hobbesian’s state where life is short, nasty and brutish. The country is under persistent darkness. Our roads have become death-traps. The citizens are under siege and helpless and helpless in the hands of criminals, economic terrorists and their sociopath politicians. The President’s deafening silence on national crisis is extremely troubling to Kenyans.

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