‘Vaileti’ hit maker struggles to re-establish himself in the music industry

‘Vaileti’ hit maker is at it again as he recently released a song titled ‘Nisulubishe’

Tanzanina artist Matonya who is said to have relocated to Kenya a couple years ago, is famously known for his songs;Anita, Vaileti  and Taxi bubu among other songs.

In  2003 he released his first album, ‘Uaminifu.’ The album helped promote his name as one of the Bongo Flava’s most respected artists. It was his second album, ‘Siamini,’ released in 2006, which stamped his name as the year’s (2006) most loved artist.

The singer, who has not been doing very well currently in the music world reasoned that its because he is deeply involved in various business projects  yet now he seems to be back on track.

He released his last song 8 months ago and is back again with another song which he released yesterday.

Do you like Matonya’s songs?

Premiered Nov 6, 2018

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Ooh you NASTY huh.. so what do we do about it!!!!??

Matonya X Fid Q

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