Mungiki: We’ll hunt you down to the last, state official warns

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In Central Kenya, the outlawed Mungiki sect is giving authorities sleepless nights with 90 people connected to the gang in police custody. Pupils are feared to be targeted candidates as the gang that seems to take a break before resurfacing under new names sends shivers among the residents. Mungiki’s base is understood to be in Makongeni in Thika and Kiandutu slums.

In Kayole, security officers are faced with the challenge of wiping out the Kayole-based criminal gang, Gaza. Gaza consists of teenagers, both girls, and boys, who ran away from their homes to join the gangs.

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The deadly Mungiki sect has started regrouping in Central Kenya, regional commissioner Wilson Njenga has warned.

The commissioner said the outlawed sect is creeping back to the region under other names, including Gaza.

Njenga warned the sect is causing fear among residents and soliciting bribes from locals. “We know they are back and this time they are not calling themselves Mungiki but Gaza. They are still the same people who terrorized residents until their roots were cut,” he said.

Njenga spoke in Thika town on Wednesday when he led other administrators in destroying confiscated illicit liquor and gambling machines. The commissioner said security agents are ready to strike and wipe out the criminal elements.

“They are moving to construction sites and quarries to solicit cash from owners all in the name of giving them security. This must stop and we will crack the whip on them,” Njenga said. He alleged some politicians have been “funding the outlawed sect to amass cash from residents”.

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He warned parents to advise children who have joined the sect to quit, adding they will not be spared if caught engaging in unlawful activities.

“We cannot breed criminals just because they are our kids. Parents must caution their children in earnest before we unleash our wrath on them,” Njenga said.

He said some parents have been enjoying stolen property and cash given to them by children who are in the sect, but warned their pleasure will be short-lived once the law catches up with them.

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Njenga said security threats would chase away investors and make it hard for the government to achieve the Big Four agenda. “We will give them no space to conduct their outlawed activities. We can’t allow them to breach the peace that central Kenya residents are enjoying. They are out to cause terror and scare away investors, thus derail growth,” he said.

Njenga said during the 2007-08 post-election violence, the outlawed sect killed many people and stole.

“They used to collect money from houses depending on the size and nature ranging from Sh200 to Sh1,000 per month. Also in traditional wedding ceremonies, they could demand 10 per cent of the cash left by the in-laws. This is what they are up to now and we won’t allow it,” he said. Thika MP Patrick Wainaina said the sect members also produce illicit liquor.

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The lawmaker said he will support the authorities to ensure security is maintained and empower them to combat criminals, illicit alcohol, outlawed gambling and drugs.

“We must join forces and ensure sanity is restored in our region,” Wainaina said.

The MP donated four motorbikes that will aid cops in Thika East carry out their duties.

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