Daring Abroad? Man arrested in Githurai over robbery in Dubai

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You would agree with when I say Crime rate in Kenya is rising very fast.  And now some Kenyans are expanding their ‘Business’ outside the country. A man in Githurai was on Tuesday arrested over theft of Sh140 million in the UAE city of Dubai.
George Gitau Maina was intercepted by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in his home in Mwihoko estate in Githurai area, after an elusive search that lasted over seven months.

Dubai Police has sought assistance from the Kenya Police after Maina was allegedly involved in the theft of Sh240 million which was being transferred to Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs).The cash was being transported in a vehicle owned by Dubai-based company identified as Transguard Cash.

On Wednesday, Maina was presented before a magistrate’s court in Nairobi where the prosecution made an application for his extradition to the Middle East company for trial.

His co-accused, Rebecca Mueni Musau, was arrested in July and flown to Dubai for prosecution.

A third suspect, also of Kenyan nationality, is yet to be apprehended.

The three Kenyans were part of a team of six guards working for the private security firm and who were escorting the cash in March.

Turns out we all have different interpretation of what daring abroad is.

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