I will quit if I fail to deliver , governor declares

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Baringo governor Stanley Kiptis has said that he will leave office if he fails to deliver on his promises.

The governor assured residents he remained committed to transforming their lives through development.

“If by 2022 I will not have worked satisfactorily then I will readily leave office and hand over to another person,” he said.

Speaking to residents of Sachangwan, Kiptuno, Kewangoi, Kiptuno villages in Eldama Ravine Sub-county on Tuesday, the governor said that cartels were determined to ensure he does not deliver.

He called for support, urging the residents to give him time to familiarise and streamline county functions since he had only been in office for a year.

“Some people have already started saying that Governor Kiptis is doing nothing. I want to tell them a leader should be nurtured and supported so that he can get the energy and motivation to deliver” he said.

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The governor told residents to actively participate in public forums which are used to identify and prioritise key development projects.

Kiptis dismissed his critics whom he accused of orchestrating his downfall.

“I know there are those who want this seat but am here and I will fight for it but at the moment let’s focus on development issues instead of politicking,” he said.

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