Going the Sidika Way? Akothee Enlarges her “Assets”

Are you having a a bad day? Just visit Akothee’s instagram profile and i bet your day will be made more bright. Due to the numerous calls from her fans and non-stop trolls because of her size, the singer seem to have finally found a problem to her “physically challenged back”

The singer posted a picture with a seemingly enlarged butt and this certainly drove netizens crazy.

“Omooo dreams are valid , call all those who laughed at my flat arse , call your area chief ??, I catch all of you, the ASS gruuuuuuu???? @malindidreamgarden, wait till we arrive in your room and meet some bone shit ???,” posted Akothee.

Akothee is currently in Malindi having some good with her new found friend Victoria Kimani..

Earlier during the day, Akothee had a meet up with  Victoria Kimani for  what seemed like a business meeting. From Akothee’s posts, the two also seemed to have a lot to catch up on; like long time buddies.

It was not all business as the two also had time for a little gossip and a lady talk. As Akothee described it she was having fun with her gossip mate.

Victoria Kimani revealed that the two held their meeting in one of the posh hotels in Malindi town and later visited the Malindi dream garden.

Below are Fans Reactions From Akothee’s Post:


@akotheekenya hio booty umetoa wapi na vienye me huwa nakuona kama omenaa nikiwa lamu town …. Nimekutafuta sana nikukule na ugali …. Idhi nade nyathiiwaa “”” Itieeeeh


Ile number ya watu wa NEMA iko wapi.,,,plastic noo


Akotheekenya looking good thick girl indeed?


@akotheekenyauuuuiii uuuuiii uuuuiii uuuuiii uuuuiii mwathani wa Juthufu??????wewe mother of 5 hiyo ni mzigo ama ni shama


@bea_trice_wkhahahahahaha finaly president of single Mothers Ass grew ??


@akotheekenya welcome to shape app..lmfao????. Used this couple years ago and some believed iy..??


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