Akothee and Victoria Kimani disturb Malindi in Bikini Outfits


Akothee and Victoria Kimani are having the vacation of their dreams in Malindi and today they decided to step out in Bikini wears for  a moment at the beach and went for a boat ride.

The two are proving to be close friends and this is so admirable as they come off as artists who are out there supporting each other in their various projects.  Most artists in the music industry are always seen in constant competition and Akothee bonding with Kimani changes the narrative pretty much.

The two beauties started their vacation yesterday after  Akothee courtesy of Akothee Safaris received Victoria Kimani  at the Airport and they went to one of the posh hotels there is in Malindi.

The two revealed that they had a  business meeting and that was not all since they had time to gossip as well and have what they call the lady talk.

Akothee and Victoria Kimani  acted all crazy on the boat ride as they danced and making the most out of this vacation.

Have a look at Akothee’s posts that will make you want to go on vacation.



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@victoriakimani learning rmthe new walking style wait for it @malindidreamgarden

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