Wow! Gor Mahia have a chance to watch the Champions League live

Gor Mahia boss Dylan Kerr has hinted that his team might watch the Champions League clash at the Etihad after their match against Everton.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo, Kerr said that given that they will stay at the Merseyside city, he might lead his charges to watch Manchester City take on Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine.

“The players are due in on Friday and I’ll meet them at the hotel. We’re staying in Liverpool all week and there’s a Champions League at the Etihad the day after we play so maybe we could arrange to take them there,” the Briton said.

Remembering the first meeting between the two sides in Tanzania, Kerr revealed that Ronald Koeman, then in charge of Everton complained because of the number of substitutions that were allowed.

“I remember Ronald Koeman complaining because we were doing three substitutions at a time and he wanted the game to continue but I said ‘Look, Ronald, I’ve got to give these players a chance.’ Imagine you were a Kenyan player on the bench against Everton and the gaffer didn’t bring you on, you wouldn’t be happy – I did what I thought was right.

“This time when we come to Goodison we’re only allowed six substitutes so 10 are going to be sitting in the stands not doing anything,” Kerr added.


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