Raila’s Shocking Revelation On Uhuru Kenyatta that will Shake the Political Landscape

Raila Odinga’s friendship with Uhuru Kenyatta seem to be growing stronger as the days go by. The recently found working relationship has grown so strong that the two can of late defend each other at public gatherings.

In fact claims have been made of how President Kenyatta played a key role in helping President Kenyatta land his new role as the AU High commission for Infrastructure and development.

This was confirmed by Raila Odinga’s other close associate Kalonzo Musyoka who while speaking last weekend in Kisii thanked the President for helping Raila get a job.

“We lost elections but that doesn’t mean than we sit pretty and watch as things go wrong. We have agreed to work together. We must congratulate President for ensuring that my brother Raila gets that job,” said Kalonzo adding that this was a prime job opportunity that will lead to accelerated unity across Africa.

As if to return a favour, Raila Odinga, speaking at the memorial service in honour of former Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chairperson Jane Kiano told Kenyans that he and Kenyatta achieved their positions on their own merit.

He insisted that they were not part of dynasties because their fathers struggled on their own.

“Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was a son of a pauper, he struggled, and he was detained by colonialists for all those years. You cannot say there is a Kenyatta dynasty; you cannot say that just because of that Uhuru is part of dynasty. Odinga son of Raila was just another son of a pauper, you can also say he was a hustler, you cannot say that Raila is part of a dynasty.”

“Raila is just Raila the way he is; Uhuru is Uhuru because of himself, no one has elected Uhuru because he is the son of Kenyatta. No one votes for Raila because he is the son of Oginga Odinga, it is because of Raila and that is the way it is,” Odinga said amidst laughter from those in attendance.

President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto steered clear of the topic and focused on eulogizing the fallen women’s leader.

Odinga’s remarks may have been triggered by media articles which suggested that the 2022 presidential race will be a dynasty versus hustlers’ contest following a dalliance between KANU Chairman and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi (son for Kenya’s second President Daniel arap Moi) and Odinga while Ruto represents the hustlers.

Kenyans will have the final say on the matter come 2022 provided that the IEBC conducts credible elections.

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