Raila ataambia Nini Watu? Miguna Strikes Again!!


Ever met that man that just won’t stop bashing you no matter the great milestones you make in life? Such is the story of Miguna Miguna whose renewed rivalry with Raila Odinga seem not to be ending anytime soon.

Days after suggesting that Raila’s new role at the AU involved touring the continent attending funerals and burials, the self proclaimed general is at it again and this time he has weighed in in the ongoing debate surrounding Conjestina Achieng.

There were claims from sections of Kenyans that leaders from Luo Nyanza did nothing to help Conjestina and that it only took the initiative of Nairobi governor Mike Sonko to have her airlifetd to Nairobi for treatment.

Miguna Miguna has thanked Mike Sonko for helping Conjestina but bashed Raila Odinga for not rising up to the occasion. Miguna says that Mr. Odinga has reduced the Nyanza region to conditions that are unfit even for wild beasts.

“Let me thank for extending a helping hand to Conjestina Achieng’ who hails from a REGION that – a looting billionaire coward – and his killing machines, have reduced to conditions that are unfit even for wild beasts,” said Miguna.

Kenyan celebrities had shared Conjestina’s video that went viral with many calling for well wishers to help her. Infact Nacada board member Chipukeezy was on his way to Kisumu with his team to pick Conje and bring her to Nairobi for serious medical attention.

His plans were however cut short by Nairobi governor Mike Sonko who had also ordered his rescue team to go to Siaya and bring Conjestina to Nairobi for treatment.

Conjestina has since arrived in Nairobi and has been taken to hospital for check up.

Conjestina is a former world boxing super middleweight champion and a two-time World Boxing Council middleweight title winning the World Boxing Federation, Global Boxing Union and World Boxing International Federation titles.


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