Itumbi: I Used Pigs To Win Maribe’s Heart


After being trolled Mercilessly on social media, State House operative Dennis Itumbi says he and Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe are just friends, and he is ready to deepen that friendship.

Itumbi has confirmed that Maribe is her friend and that she will forever be one. He has described Maribe as a beautiful African lady that any man would like to have.

Itumbi has also disclosed details on how he met Maribe and constantly won her heart. He apparently introduced himself as a pig farmer.

“I am a pig farmer,” that is how I introduced myself to Jacque Maribe just before a press conference at a Nairobi hotel, a decade or so ago. She was working with K24 at the time and I was a correspondent for the People Daily.”  said Itumbi.

Jacque got interested in Itumbi’s side hustle after which the two exchanged contacts and began keeping in touch. The two have never looked back on their friendship which has blossomed into a friendship that has seen both of them celebrate highs and go through hell.

Asked if he is hoping to take the friendship to another level, Itumbi said:

“She is my friend and she will be forever, and I’m glad am there for her. She is a beautiful African lady and any man would want to date her, but for me and her, we are friends and ready to deepen our friendship to go far.

“I am not Jacque Maribe’s ex-boyfriend because we have never been lovers, and she has also answered about those allegations. Our friendship is bigger than lovers and I call those rumours Cinderella stories.

“Jacque has been my friend and I even hosted her baby shower and so many things that we have done together.”

Justice James Wakiaga on Tuesday granted Maribe a Sh1 million bail with three sureties. However, Maribe could not immediately leave prison, as verification of surety documents was slow.

In his ruling, Justice James Wakiaga indicated that there was no indication that she is a flight risk and Prosecution did not prove that she would interfere with witnesses.

“Based on the materials placed I am unable to agree with the prosecution that Maribe will interfere or abscond court or act in any manner prejudicial” ruled Justice Wakiaga.

The court however directed that Maribe should not read news during the period that the case is fixed for hearing.

“That the 2nd accused shall not make any contact with witnesses either directly or indirectly until determination of the case,” ruled Justice Wakiaga.

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