Here is what Suarez has told Barcelona

Spanish giants Barcelona are looking for Luis Suarez’s replacement, the Uruguayan has revealed.

Suarez says he is aware the club is in search for his successor admitting it is normal since he is aging. Since joining Barcelona from Liverpool in 2014, he has been the club’s undisputed No9.

Speaking to radio station Sport890, when asked if he is concerned about the reports, he said, “That Barcelona are looking for a nine… it’s normal. I’m already 31 years old.”

The 31-year-old’s only concern is VAR. Despite being the beneficiary of the video review system in Barca’s 5-1 destruction of Real Madrid, Suarez outlined some concern at the process.

“You lose a spark, at even the slightest doubt defenders raise their hands and the forward doesn’t celebrate because of possible doubts. Later if they give you the goal as valid, you don’t do it anymore. The adrenaline of celebrating a goal is divine, and VAR takes those little things away,” he added.

“We have to get used to not arguing so much with the refs, not arguing against them, because that’s why we have VAR. Without discussion.”

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