Reprieve For Jowie As Top Politician Comes to his Defence

Have you ever felt so alone and neglected in your life? Have you at times felt like your entire world is just crushing? Well, that might be the feeling that Joseph Irungu alias Jowie might be having right now but if the happenings in the last 24 hours are anything to go by, he shouldn’t give up because a number of people have come out to defend him from Justice Wakiaga’s onslaugt.

The young man was denied bail by justice Wakiaga in a very demeaning manner that has raised eyebrows all over the country with sections of Kenyans calling for the judge to excuse himself from the case.

Top Lawyers from the country led by lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi and lawyer Donald Kipkorir have also had a say on the matter. Lawyer Nassir believes that denying accused persons bail on grounds that they are a flight risk is an old tired excuse.

“Denying accused persons bail on the ground that they are “flight risk” is an old tired execuse. Kenyans don’t flee their country to avoid trial…with a conviction rate of less than 2% why should any one be scared of trial in a Kenyan court…of course unless you are very POOR,” said Ahmednasir.

Ahmednasir’s sentiments come in the wake of senior political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi’s questioning of the Kenyan judicial process with regards to bail terms.

“Question for MY FRIEND, Chief Justice (rtd) Dr Willy Mutunga: Is there a UNIFIED THEORY of JUSTICE in our Judiciary? Does a ‘WOMAN Eater’ (whatever that means) have the same CONSTITUTIONAL right to BAIL as ” a SLAY QUEEN”? ( A Pedestrian term used by TABLOIDS) “james wakiaga” wrote Mutahi Ngunyi on his twitter account.

The two were joined by Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo who  said yesterday was a sad day and that Justice Wakiaga should excuse himself from the case.

“A very sad day. He should excuse himself from hearing that matter. Me think,” said Kabogo.

Justice Wakiaga used some harsh words to describe Jowie yesterday hence putting him once again in the public spotlight.

“The first accused is a male version of a slay queen. I would describe him as a woman eater…” said Judge Wakiaga.

Jowie’s display of guns on social media also caught up with him. This is because he was partly denied bail partly because of this.

Justice James Wakiaga believes that his open display of firearms is a clear indication that he is able to marshal them and use them to his advantage by maybe silencing the said witnesses in the case.

Justice Wakiaga added that Jowie’s love for guns could create fear and intimidation among the witnesses.

If released, the court ruled, there is a likelihood that he would interfere with the crime scene.

In denying Jowie bail, the court futher ruled that he has extensively traveled to Middle East with no known assets in the country and his willingness to surrender the passport is no guarantee that he will not jump bail or abscond court.


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