Babu Owino Set’s the Internet on Fire With New Attack On Foreign Investors

Ever met a man that won’t just stop looking for trouble and maybe starting one? Well, look no further as Embakasi East is a combination of both.

Just a day after blasting the Chinese for not allowing Kenyans steer the SGR locomotives despite Kenya having qualified personnel for the job, the outspoken lawmaker has again launched another scathing attack on them.

“Yaani a Kenyan pilot can fly a Boeing to JFK a distance of about 11,800kms but Chinese here wont allow our people to steer a mere locomotive from Syokimau to Mombasa?” wrote Babu Owino Yesterday.

This time, the Embakasi East law maker has dared the Chinese to come take their Standard Gauge Railway amid revelations that the Chinese government is planing to bar the SGR loan due to directives by the president banning Chinese fish in the Kenyan market.

Acting ambassador Li Xuhang described the ban as a “trade war”, warning that his country could react in the same way it did to US President Donald Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods.

Mr Li was addressing a group of MPs, academics with links to Chinese institutions and others invited for a familiarisation tour of the SGR at the Chinese embassy in Nairobi Tuesday morning. He revealed that the embassy had a letter from the Fisheries Department cancelling all applications for imports of Chinese fish.

Imposition of the ban on Chinese fish follows President Kenyatta’s remarks recently when he publicly wondered why imported fish should be flooding the Kenyan market at the expense of local produce. He challenged officials to find ways to curb the influx.

If the chinese withhold funding for the SGR, Naivasha-Kisumu phase of the SGR will be vastly affected.

The phase was already delayed after China refused to sign an agreement during President Kenyatta’s visit to the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing last month.

The refusal to sign the deal was to express displeasure at what China views as an increasingly hostile operating environment, citing negative media reports and public bashing by politicians.

In deed, Kenyan politicians have come out in numbers to condemn the continued influx of chinese in the country with many of them arguing that their continued influx in the country has rendered many Kenyans jobless since they take up almost all kinds of job within the country.

Babu Owino is one such politician and today his post elicited various mixed reactions with many of his followers apparently supporting him.

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